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Nov 29, 2019

So often we can be overwhelmed with the challenges of life.

Many of the issues that we are dealing with today are different from those of even 10 or 15 years ago.

And, as we reflect on the fast pace of our lives and on the consuming desire for more that society encourages us to experience, I know that many folk are questioning if this is really  how life was intended to be.

People are looking for answers.

As Christians, we know that the Bible has the answer for every situation and every issue that concerns us.

Proverbs in particular, gives us practical, positive solutions to so many of life’s daily concerns and the Psalms bring both direction and comfort.

But are we sharing this wisdom with others? Are we seeking those who need to hear biblical answers and walking with them in their concerns?

Each one of us has a testimony about the love of God in our own lives and about how the words of the scriptures have helped and encouraged us on our journey.

When we use our voices, and speak out our story, God works in the lives of others through that message.

Our story is unique to each one of us and as we follow and worship God and read the Bible, our own special sound grows inside of us and builds our strength and our spirit.

Then, when we open our mouths and bring forth our sound, what has been planted and nurtured on the inside, begins to work in the lives of those on the outside.

Be bold – when we proclaim that God still speaks, we need to be sure that we are speaking as well.

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