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A revelation at the site of Revelation

Jul 9, 2018

Recently, I was reflecting on my recent trip to the Holy Land and thinking about how blessed I was by the whole adventure.

Before I left, I felt that this trip was indeed a divine appointment but I did not realise quite how powerful an experience it would be until I reached Greece. The journey began in the Jordanian desert and I had a first hand understanding of the sun, the rocks and the relentlessness of the desert sand. I travelled to Israel and followed Jesus path, from Bethlehem to Galilee to Caesarea Philippi and then onto Jerusalem and His passion. I touched the place where Jesus was born, cried where He died and knelt where He was buried.

In Greece, I visited Corinth and the Acropolis but it was in Patmos that I received a blessing beyond what I had ever imagined. I visited the cave where John heard the word from God which became known as of The Book of Revelation. And as I got down on my hands and knees and lay on the floor of that same cave, I believe that I too received a revelation.
No, I did not hear a word about writing the Book of Kaylene or bringing forth a new gospel! But I heard God speaking to me and He was letting me know that it was indeed the very same God who spoke to John all those years ago who was speaking to me right at that moment.

On that trip from Moses to Revelation, right at the end, I was reminded by God Himself that the same God who spoke to John in the cave and to  me speaks to us all. He waits for us, not just in the cave but in our hearts and our spirits, to turn to Him afresh and receive all that He has for us.

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