Work Relationships

“Encounter the Healing Love and Power of the risen Jesus Christ.”


Keys to being successful in the workplace

As Christians we carry God’s presence into our workplace. Discover how we can bless those that we work with and bring God’s love and peace to those around us.

If we are born again Christians then those we work with will immediately sense that we are different.

In our work relationships with fellow employees they will notice that we don’t curse, drink excessively, tell filthy stories or use bad language. We don’t have the habits of those who are not born again and are therefore living in the kingdom of darkness.

Although these attributes are important nevertheless it is He who is living in us who is even more important, that is, Jesus Christ.

We should be exhibiting His love for others, tolerance, (not of evil), and long-suffering attitudes even if people are criticising us and trying to demean us. We should be praying a blessing on them so that the devil flees from within them.

We should be cheerful in our work and of course completely honest especially in our relationships with our employer. The Bible says we should be doing the will of God from our heart not just trying to please men and we should be acting as servants of Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 6:6.)

Christian employers should likewise have a gracious attitude towards their employees, generous, commending them, encouraging them and showing the love of God towards them.

As both Christian employers and workers do these things, the light of God will be shining through them and it may well be that by their witness they draw many to Christ.

Our example as workers and employers must always be such that others are attracted to us and desire to have what they see in us.

Then we are true witnesses of the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Bill Subritzky

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